Sunday, January 18, 2015

I adored Bettie Page Reveals All

I started watching this documentary thinking that the whole Bettie Page thing was overplayed. She reminded me of too many rockabilly ex-boyfriends and too many girls who throw an obsessive amount of time into looking exactly like a 50's pin-up--an endeavor I find admirable, but also, mis-spent, in terms of movable, touchable sensual energy.

But the film was so well-told! A great deal of it was narrated in Bettie's rich Southern voice, from interviews done with her after she turned up in Florida, decades after her photos defined Americana eros.

"Bettie Page is revolutionary. The symbol of joyous, sexual freedom." It's true, I realize now. To me, it is not so much how her body looks, but what her face conveys when she poses. The impossible sexiness of well-rounded happiness, of delight....

I am ready to re-watch it! Want to join me?

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