My Nouveau Bordello

Set Up a Date

Currently, with Covid 19, it is not safe for me to do in-person dates but we can get to know each other via text, phone calls, or live video sessions (like Zoom, Skype, FB video chat, IG video chat, etc). This is actually the BEST way to cultivate a long-term relationship with me. With time to really get to know you, it will be all the more delicious when we finally meet in real life!

These rates apply:

To request one of these dates, 

1. Get my Cashapp handle by messaging me at one of the following: 

727 280 6778
Twitter @buttonsberry

and tell me how much you are sending and when you would like to have the date.  Sorry, I can't use PayPal.

2.  Find me on Niteflirt. 

and use their payment system.

ext: 11271121 NF rates apply

Here we can text, phone, or video chat. Their rates are slightly different than the ones I have set.

3. If you cannot use CashApp. visit my Amazon Wishlist and send me a gift card for the desired length of date.

Rates in the image above apply. We cannot schedule the date until I receive the gift card. Message me to let me know you've sent the card, for what length/type of date, and your preferred times to meet.