Monday, November 10, 2014

bB has a carnivalesque time at the Dali museum

The carnivalesque (as oer

Ready for funnel cake? Russian literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin sure was. He used the word carnivalesque to refer to moments when traditional rules and order are put aside, the world is turned upside down, and the routines of daily life are suspended. The term comes from the carnival celebrations during which people in Catholic cultures wear masks and have massive street parties right before Lent—like during Mardi Gras. The carnivalesque can indicate excitement, revelry, danger, and a certain topsy-turviness to the way the world works.
For example, all of the spells and enchantments in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream create a carnivalesque atmosphere for the lovers, in which the normal rules of life just don't apply.

 This barker is stepping on a lamb chop. There isa key, a key to my heart! Incidentally, ground lamb and rice is my new favorite dish. I will make it for you on our date, if you wish.

Bring your lyric appendage and I will give you the docent special.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Two things to rhapsodize about today

TLDR's episode, Ask Leah. If you don't know TLDR, it is an NPR podcast series that stands for Too Long Didn't Read. TLDR being old chat roo m slang froma time when the internet was just one big community of nerds-in-the know. If I have a side job, it would be to do what Leah did--give love and intimacy advice to techie geek teen boys (before it was cool to be them). I suppose I would have to travel back in time for that, though.

And this: Sex Workers International Arts Festival in San Francisco, late May 2015.  Who wants to hire me as their tour guide/erotic art companion for this event? I have a ton of exciting friends i can introduce you to there! And if I can get a grant to go (from you!), I will definitely working on performing at the festival.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Heaven Was a Dallas Whore

Somehow, I never heard this Cash song until now.  It speaks to me about the big brothel in the sky where I eventually, hope to live.

Hoping to get an artist grant to go to San Antonio, work with vets, even. So Texas fellas, be thinkin' on me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

One of my erotic art companions in Boulder

gifted me with some ephemera from his French collection!

Such a sweet surprise!

I am amazingly turnt up, in a gentle mindful hot way, after my Buddhist poetics sex weekend in Boulder. Call me, FL. sweets! I will lather you adjectives and transformative intentions.

Oh, and I had the honor--in a crazy, unrelated related way-- of receiving a call from international workshop leader and author Barbara Carralles. The Urban Tantra community is literally calling my name.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bb goes to Boulder tomorrow, hopes to meet special companion

This might be me soon, but more likely, I will be this

I want boots!

Hoping to me a special CO erotic art client for a brief, but bountiful session. Call me!

Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm Twittering--my Facebook imploded, and stuff people say to me at dive bars, take 1

I have been locked out of  my Facebook, and I am sad to say goodbye to 1500 fans--maybe many of you read this blog.  But, as one recent arts patron (an adorable techie who stands shorter than 5 ft) explained to me--Facebook has the rights to all your intellectual property, (I feel like I should have realized this before). Twitter seems like a much better use of my time. Not just to keep in touch with my erotic art friends and fans and patrons, but also to talk with other professionals, artists and advocates for people in the erotic arts/adult entertianment community.

So, look me up on Twitter, my little boyzenberries.

Oh, and I hope you understand that if you follow me on Twitter, you are more apt to see me getting involved in social justice discussions around adult industry/sex worker rights. Please understand, I am for client's rights too!

In other news, best comment made to me at a bar, of late:

The scene: An awesome Johhny Cash covers duo, father and son. They are old-timey Florida guys, each with  white hair, and a drawl. The elder, the dad, looks up at me, from where he is kneeeling over his guitar case and goes,

"Do you watch Orange Is the New Black?"

This is not what I expected to come outta this guy's mouth, so I just stare at him and smile for a minute.

He continues, "Whelp, cuz you look like that one inmate, the Italian one, she's real sweet and real cray--stalks her man."

I laugh, thank him and return to my table. His son ambles over, leans down to me and says, "Sorry about my dad, he has not been the same since Ma died."

The ladies I am with, librarian and sci-fi -writer types, immediately start Google image searching the character from that show and giggling.

This is actually one of the best dive bar comments I've had in a while. far better than, "Have you ever done it with a midget?' and "Are you a witch?"  (the latter in reference to my David Bowie eye).

Here's some pix in the mix. They have absolutely nothing to do with what I just blogged about and I will not pull a goofy hook to pretend they do. Though this is to say, this is not xxx "pink". It is live coral!