Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Happy New Year, my tidbits!

I hope you had cozy and relatively non-stressful holidays. I got so tired from entertaining family over Christmas, that I was down with the flu for some days, but then i magically rallied at 10pm New Year's Eve and thanks to magic dust, a blanket and a kindly entourage of friends, I ended up dancing barefoot on Central Ave in my leopard-striped fishies. I petted a lovely couple, they were wearing boas and next thing I know, they were wrapping me in their glittery feather.s, sending me off with the gift of fluff. Eventually, the friends and I traipsed home and fell asleep, disrobed, in a pile, as the sun was rising. on the bay.

The new year feels quite blank and open. Like, how will I ever finish writing my book? Who will I meet in Arizona? What is to be made of the silvery airstream trailer, that reads Unlocking Awareness: Portable Labyrinths. iI has been parked front of my place for days?  I watched Von Thiers "Nymphomaniac" when I was sick and found it to be self-punishing crap. Sensual awakening is nt about hard drive. It is about nuance and learning to play and be open again. I am in love with my body. Things can be gentler, less serious, more real...How accidental it is that any of us is alive? We can all be doorways for each other. xoxoxoxox

Contemplating the layout of new erotic art collages.

 A fur vest I got for Christmas makes me much of the creature!


 Deciding to cloud bathe.

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