Sunday, February 16, 2014

Slumber party with bB, Weds or Thursday only!

I am reveling, absolutely reveling in my Sexological Bodywork studies and a classmate has just found us a very cheap condo in San Francisco for our in-person intensive!

Here is a snippet from our assigned readings that nearly made my heart explode with confirmation:

Coming to the Revolution

If we want a revolution, liberating our sexuality is the place to start. No matter what else people do to wage political or social rebellion - be it from oppressive governments, the psychology of advertising, racism, sexism, repressive religion, or corporations that are rapidly colonizing our minds and destroying the planet - any revolution that is not a sexual revolution at its heart will fail. Sex energy is the spark of life. It is the calling of eternity. Sex energy is the infallible compass within us always pointing in the direction of life and freedom, orienting us toward reality. 
Let's plan our revolutions and have a slumber party!

So, here's the deal. My roommate is away Wednesday and Thursday night this week, so I can offer special gentleman or couples an overnight. This can include

--Drinks at a fun downtown St. Petersburg bar
--Dinner. Thai, sushi, Americana, Italian are all within blocks of my condo.
--Stargazing on my roofdeck
--A trip to the nearby exotic dance club, Lust
--A visit to an art gallery
--Dessert at my place
--Tantric massage and lengthy session
--Your feedback on my erotic homework!
--Towels, shower and comfy queen-sized bed.

Let me know how you would like me to create our itinerary.

8pm - 9am, $1000 for individual or $800 for couple.
Special discount and continuing offers for couples only.

727 280 6778 No texts please.

In the morning, we can read the paper in bed!

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