Monday, February 24, 2014

Only 3 weeks left to schedule with bB

Hello my raunchy unicorns,

Keep in mind
--Only 3 weeks left to schdeule with me before I am gone for quite a while
--After I return from San Francisco with my sexological body work certification,  my focus and donation structure will chang/
-- I'm realy looking forward to doing more hands-on erotic education with couples. So, for a limited time, couples get an array of discounts and extras. Call me to find out.
--Along those lines, any appropriate client who wants to introduce me to the world of Caliente or Eyez Wide Shut gets a no-donations date.
--And I have a new Facebook

Favorite quote from this week's sex school reading

The rhythms, movements, breathing and touching of the erotic massage dance are directed by the receiver. The role of the giver is to play off of the receiver's dance of breath and movement while massaging the receiver's genitals. The receiver sets the rhythm. The giver weaves in and out of that rhythm. The giver also listens to and responds to the receiver’s guidance and requests. Most importantly, the giver assists the receiver in staying in the present moment."

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