Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Buttons Berry in new calendar, tantra doors and more

I am still recovering from Gasparilla.

Certainly, I am one for local folklore and all, but really, isn't it just a festival in which Cap'n Morgan invades Tampa Bay in search of the Cuervo Gold and booty?

No really, it was very funny--the first one since I've been back from Cali. I tried to teach little girls standing next to me during the parade the proper way to act wildly charming, not gross, and still get beads. The 6-year-old was unimpressed by my vaudeville routine.

In other news, I am really thrilled with the promo image created for my first erotic entertainer memoir story. It appears in in Brooklyn's Prose and Lore. I wanted to write the story under Buttons Berry, but I had to honor the performer/bodyworker I was in California, where this particular account takes place, so I went with the Aura Luz moniker. Anyways, Tampa's Creative Loafing blurbs the new issue as "one of the top ten most provocative books", which is pretty fucking cool since I didn't think it would get Tampa attention.

"Buttons Berry" is however, very much present in this new calendar, put together by my friend Rafe Biggs, a paraplegic who uses imagination, breath control and energy to orgasm through his thumb. This calendar rides the crest of a wave, in terms of society understanding disability, endorphins and sexuality. You can order a copy at

Oh, but going back to my use of the name Aura Luz--a name which refers to energy fields and chakras--I just have to give a shout out to a recent client who helped me change my mind about tantra. While I am an energy worker and a poet who has a certain air of woo-wooery, my suspicion about tantra was that it was elitist *expensive classes, etc), spiritually exclusive (more tantric than thou!) was just plasticky appropriation of Eastern ideas. That may sometimes be true, in the way "tantra" is used to market, but this client I had the other day, in his humble, easy-going way, completely opened a door for me into tantra and I cna't wait to work on more tantra journeys with other folks.

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