Friday, January 17, 2014

The deal with bB and burlesque

Here's me, in fishnets, being all like, "Don't photograph me from that angle!" The artful assistant was insistent , however. I was getting as dressed up as I get for a recent burlesque event (Hey, bB has, as of now, stopped referring to herself in the 3rd person!) I was just an attendee, not a performer. I adore the burlesque aesthetic for the way it uses story, comedy and dance, but in reality, my erotic artistry comes in a more natural, nudist form. Creative pasties, check! Intricate undies, yes! Fishnets--um, only with the help of an artful assistant. because really, it is a pain in the ass to get that dressed up all the time and I want to spread my physical energy in other directions. My best outfit is in the soft, simple morning, in the hibiscus nightgown, when I will be alone for hours making collages, working on poems,  blasting Lady Gaga's "Gypsy" and chatting on the phone with clients.

You know, while mulch-tasking with the laundry and all. (Oh la, don't forget to ask about my laundry-play special.)

My real burlesque stage is my bodywork table and the Samsonite with toys and art books. If you become an especially creative regular collaborator, I can bring travel to you!

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