Tuesday, November 03, 2015

After a small hiatus, the Berry

bursts on the vine for you. She is back. Took time away to go to a sexuality conference in the ATL and to complete her move to the old-timey rose/hot coral nouveau boudoir.

Come up and see it some time, gents. I need the cheering up. Every time I go to a conference or a gathering of erotic minds in other cities, I long for the road, I long for like-minded friends left behind in other locales, for more consistent collaboration and exploration. So...I am a but melancholy and yet eager to bring fresh, sensually awakened energy to my new studio in downtown St. Petersburg. It's my home at least for now...this little gypsy moves slow to catch all the creamy, dreamy stuff in life.

Special deals for anyone who wants to help me create my road show and travel in an RV--bringing passion, peace and juju to friends across the country.

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