Sunday, June 29, 2014

summer doldrums lately, thinking

maybe i should've set my tone closer to Lou Reed/Leonard Cohen. The sex klown thing only works when people understand you are trying to be absurd in the name of making eroticism sweet and light and accessible to the common man. Now, gotten into the habit of drinking old lady $2 pink wine from the CVS. And the ergo-wine-opener is only ergo when you hold it between your legs, open your mind, let go of all goals, and continue to crank.

i’ll tell you a dream i had once…

i’ll tell you a dream i had once i was away up in the sky Blue,everything:

a bar the bar was made of brass hangIng from strings (or)someThing i was

lying on the bar it was cOOl i didn’t have anything on and I was all hot all

Hot and bar was


O My lover,

there’s just room for me in You

my stomach goes into your Little Stomach My legs are in your legs Your


under me around; my head fits(my head)in your Brain-my,head’s


she(said laughing

)with your head.all big

--ee cummings

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