Thursday, March 13, 2014

Taoist massage, Nude Nite, plus...I leave in 5 days for the Golden Gate. Visit me this weekend!

From  my Taoist Erotic Massage homework section:

Pleasure itself is healing. Learning to choose pleasure instead of suffering is the first key to erotic empowerment. Pleasure is also a pathway to spirit. As the body relaxes in a full-body massage it releases hormones that facilitate feelings of love, bonding and trust. With sexual stimulation we produce a cascade of powerful endorphins that build a feeling of bliss. This is the biochemistry of ecstasy. With prana pumps engaged by prolonged deep breathing, the heart opens, energy spirals through the chakras, and we can experience ecstatic unity with the divine in ourselves and others. “This is about integrating spirit at the cellular level,” one of my teachers says.

Taoist Erotic Massage was first developed in the1980's by Dr. Joseph Kramer of the Body Electric School. Combining the ancient wisdom of Tantra and Taoist sexual cultivation with the insights of western sexology, psychology and neurobiology, this is a powerful practice that can evolve and integrate body, mind, spirit and emotions. No matter where you are on your personal journey of erotic empowerment, Taoist Erotic Massage is a technology that can assist you in knowing and experiencing your capacity for joy.

Speaking of capacity for joy, my little brother visiting me on spring break and giving me the honor of  telling me about his sacred treatment of his first condom (where he keeps it, why, the timeline and the totem that it holds for him....)

And, these photos from Nude Nite last week, in Ybor City, with my beautiful NightOwl client.

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