Friday, December 06, 2013

Who stands like that anyway?

I was telling L--, my favorite punk rock girl bartender, that glossy, studio photography just isn't for me. Recently, I worked with a photographer and he did a great job, but the photos didn't quite resonate for me. That being said, some of them are on this blog, because these were indeed keepers. These are the peacock ones and the strawberry/turquoise panties ones.  Thanks TC! Good ole Craigslist photographer find!

L-- (who I have a friend-crush on) laughed when I told her about the shoot and said, "Oh, did you hate the ones where you tried to stand like this?" Behind the bar, she semi-crouched and jutted her butt out. We giggle.d Yep. Who stands like that anyway?

I mean, I understand that amateur shots with a drab wall or some electrical outlets behind you don't look so great, but the beauty of selfies is that they are you at your most comfortable, inspired, natural, silly, realness level when you snap a pic of yourself.

Here's one from the ladies room in L--'s bar.

Pink caps, yes. Perhaps this babooshka is a bit much?

 Bath-time reading with my favorite sex genius.

My mushroom-as-foresty-orange--phallus-cup runneth over with Cuban coffee, my rainbow bralette. Time to start a day for writing and play!

Deco tape for Buttons Berry biz cards.

And, in answer to the question, Who stands like that anyway?...well, I try to stay off my feet, personally.

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