Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The power of shared body knowledge

So, the Orlnado mixer was amazing, was almost a spiritual experience!

I love to party, don't get me wrong...but it usually involves barefoot dancing at house parties or goofy bust-outs at dive bars. But I was dreading the mixer, as I assumed it would be a competitive scene, filled with providers who wore way more make-up than me, who stood so much taller than me, and who could rock the highest of heels. I knew I would be the only girl with a disability. And how was I supposed to pull off the Buttons Berry ta-da in that environment? bB charm is based on colorful, but understated erotic energy, usually a one-on-one situation--which seems understated until you get close to it and it enfolds you with wild flow!

Anyway, none of my fears came to be. The women were all beautiful souls. I felt so nurtured, so lifted up, so re-commited to my passion for erotic work. I felt that I could speak freely and simply be myself, with these sisters.

This, I think, comes from shared body knowledge. I have many long-standing groups of friends in my life, people from the arts and the social justice communities. but in some ways, i felt more alive and more snug in the escort community, even though I was just meeting most of these women for the first time.

Why? Because the connection was beyond the external look, it was beyond shared political or aesthetic language, it was beyond shared concepts. iIt was based in our experience of our bodies as empowered. The connection did not need to be hashed out through words as it came from our shared body experience of being woman so in love with sexuality, with eros--eing women who love to bring that to others.

So guys, come help me ride me wave of new-found belonging--a renewed lust for creative, delicate, powerful physical connection.

Oh yes, and of course, the pleasure of filling the mousse cups was given to me! The party was oh-so decadent!

Fins out about upcoming mixers by following the organizers on twitter. https://twitter.com/SunSensuality Gents, you won;t be disappointed The Sun and Sensuality collective is the warmest, most welcoming beauties you will find.

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