Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Two things to rhapsodize about today

TLDR's episode, Ask Leah. If you don't know TLDR, it is an NPR podcast series that stands for Too Long Didn't Read. TLDR being old chat roo m slang froma time when the internet was just one big community of nerds-in-the know. If I have a side job, it would be to do what Leah did--give love and intimacy advice to techie geek teen boys (before it was cool to be them). I suppose I would have to travel back in time for that, though.

And this: Sex Workers International Arts Festival in San Francisco, late May 2015.  Who wants to hire me as their tour guide/erotic art companion for this event? I have a ton of exciting friends i can introduce you to there! And if I can get a grant to go (from you!), I will definitely working on performing at the festival.

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