Friday, January 10, 2014

bB in the new year!

The holidaze left Buttons Berry totally tapped-out. After Christmas, this was all that remained of her 2013 vestment.


She tried to do some meditation on the balcony, but then, Florida succumbed to the polar vortex.

Chubby sea anenome hand and all of her, was freezing!

A bit too chilly to disrobe for new photographs, but still--this umbrella kit brought the enchantment of David Byrne waltzing with that lamp in True Stories.

 bB rallied to do some organizing for the new year. Now, the alcove of her apartment is set up exclusively as a space for sensual bodywork, erotic arts, and more.

New Year's eve and the days following were filled with friends, old and new. A burlesque night at the local gentleman's club, with the creator of TantricFusion as bB's date. Cathartic massage on long-time friend. Miss Sasha Wiley, who wears her heart as a grenade. "The heart", says Sasha, "hangs left of center, but is also, an entire ventricle system."

And Mistress A. drove bB to visit the sacred sexologist who lives in the swamp outside of Disney. Some of you know her as EveLynn. It was a transcendent and kitschy journey.

bB's spirit grandmother of the erotic arts knows how to decorate. This is in her retreat suite for couples.

This jaunt to Orlando coincided with release of the newest issue of Prose and Lore, a magazine for the adult entertainment literati. bB's first memoir story appears in this issue.

Returning home to try on one of her most fabulous Christmas gifts,

bB decides to take a little nap on her new massage table. Yes, that's right, ladies and gents, no more squeaky creaky fold-out couch for us!

Be in touch for a session soon, bB is resting up for you!

Don't delay in scheduling intimate time with bB, as the next few months will be very bsuy. bB has been accepted into the sexological bodywork certification program atIASHS. She will need lots of help with her practicum!

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